5nd New Text New Theatre


28 September 2016
@ Galata Perform
8 p.m.
“Cherry Orchard of Fikri”
Writer: Ülkü Oktay
Director: Yeşim Özsoy
Cast: Kubilay Karslıoğlu
Fikri is an amateur actor who lives in Balat an old neighbourhood in Istanbul. He acts some fragments from Chekhov’s Cherry Orchard to himself and he faces his life, past and his memories.

29 September 2016
@ French Cultural Center
7.30 p.m.
Writer: Ronan Cheneau
Director: Yeşim Özsoy
Cast: Yiğit Özşener, Reyhan Özdilek, Murat Mahmutyazıcıoğlu, Ceren Demirel, Rıdvan Erdem Kaynarca
With contribution of Institut Français (French Cultural Center) Ronan Cheneau had a lecture in Galata Perform workshop program. And this year a play of Ronan Cheneau stages as a reading theatre in the stage of Institut Français.
The play Cannibals is a story of a young couple. The author Ronan Cheneau put sound and light to the center and this undermines the “well organized text”. Therefore a stage design idea emerges before the text. A loft flat where live a couple, an ordinary and getting spoiled by life. They attempt a suicide by get fire themselves. Being helpless against market society. On the play we watch the reasons of this irreversible act.
Free admissions.

30 September 2016
@ ikincikat
7 p.m.
“Tango of Flower”
Writer: Salihcan Sezer
Director: Mehmet Bilge Aslan
Cast: Deniz Türkali, Mustafa Ergüven
An old actress Fulya lives alone with her flower just blooms one night in the year. She prepares to move her unforgettable love, Ediz in Prince Islands. Ramazan the son of Ediz comes to Fulya’s home with a screenplay from his father’s legacy. Fulya welcomes Ramazan and says “Welcome Ediz”. When they working on screenplay secrets, memories, dreams and ghosts appers. The past of Ramazan and the youth of Fulya going to collide. And with this senses emerges, senses impress, and scars change future with present time.

@ ikincikat
9.30 p.m.
Writer: Cihan Çakan
Director: Şaziye Konaç
Cast: Levent Kurumlu, Elif Ongan Tekçe, Zuhal Güreli, Esra Ergün, Ahmet Çaplı, Ahhan Şener, Didem Doğan
In between 1 June 1970 and 1 June 1971… An impressive era for Turkey: construction of first Bosphorus bridge, 15-16 June Labour Uprising, 12 March Coup d’etat, arrest of Deniz Gezmiş and his friends… After an unhappy childhood Ferdiye return to Kiosk of Kemal Bey in Kuzguncuk from Sweden where she meets refuge Kurds. On these days she sometimes listens memories from senile retired general Atıf Efendi. Suddenly a university student Niyazi take refuge to the kiosk. While Ferdiye hides Niyazi, Atıf Efendi is sure there is a revolutionist in kiosk and have to be punished, because they were manipulate the regime. In this era even Kiosk of Kemal Bey itself everyone’s story snaps slowly.

1 October 2016
“Balat Museum of Monologues”
5 p.m.
Director of Project: Ahmet Sami Özbudak
Writers: Caner Kılıç, Yeşim Akyol Günay, Nihal Öztürk, Salihcan Sezer, Volkan Çıkıntoğlu, Serdar Kurt
Directors: Ayfer Dönmez, Başak Kıvılcım, Lesli Karavil, Ilgın Sönmez, Doğu Polat/Koray Doğan
Cast: Şebnem Köstem, Batur Belirdi, Kübra Balcan, Koray Kadirağa, Erol Babaoğlu
The award winner writer Ahmet Sami Özbudak creates a collection of texts that directly written for Balat in Balat Museum of Monologues. The performance will be hold in a building in Balat and spectators will walk in the building and experience a different presentation.

@ Talimhane Tiyatrosu
7 p.m.
“Rainbow in the Moonlight”
Writer: Serdar Kurt
Director: Çağrı Şensoy
Cast: Sevil Akı, İbrahim Kendirci, Hüseyin Sevimli
A day, three celebrations: Birth, graduation, marriage… Neşe, Erinç and Atınç get together to make this day to be the happiest and the best day for Melis… Neşe: “The years goes fastly… You should be aware of eternal youth’s secrets everytime. You should have bright brain. Your dreams take you to magical places. Happy birthday…” Erinç:”Graduation does not mean everything is over… Everyday you live drags you to new exams. But nothing is important than you…” Atınç:” Jus your presence honors my life and you gonna share it with me till the end of your life, I am grateful.”

@ Talimhane Tiyatrosu
“Last Tango”
9 p.m.
Writer: Ayşegül Alpak
Director: Hümay Güldağ
Cast: Şencan Güleryüz, Füsun Kostak
A woman pregnant for two months learns that she has cancer and has not got many time. She reminates her pregnancy. She does not want to live her last days in a hospital, and she hides the truth from her husband. While getting chemotherapy she realizes she does not know her husband. For the first time she makes a decision for herself and she face off with this situation, her life and life itself.
Success is the main aim of his life. While he doing his job he neglects the work ethics and he also could not realize that he lost his child and his wife is runnig down so fast. He earns very much from the cases and he dreams to build a good life for his child. At this time he learns he lost his child. While the play asks “Who is cancer justice, law, human or humanity?”, it tells the tragic story of a lawyer and his two month pregnant wife.

2 October 2016
@ Tatavla Sahnesi
1 p.m.
“The Fall of Rapunzel”
Writer: Fatih Köse
Director: Eraslan Sağlam
The play tells a placed surrounded with no happiness in conception, no happiness expactation and there is nothing that has connection with happiness. There is no happy end in stories. There is no rituals that invented by people for become happy. There is no conception of heaven. There is a long forbidden list icluding chocolate, music and cat videos. If someone breaks these laws, they will take therapy in a center and use ‘Depressant’ medicals for being a normal person.
@ Tatavla Sahnesi
3.30 p.m.
“An Anatomy of Minor Love”
Writer: Caner Kılıç
Director: Ömer Akgüllü
Cast: Başak Kalkan, Hande Elaman, Yasemin Yeşilgöz, Kayhan Açıkgöz, Kürşat Demir, Saadettin Okumuş
Project Assistant: Müge Ersan
In this play three different eras of a man staged with a different perspective and and text is not linear. The writer mentions that “This play, is a meta modernist experiment. Meta modernism comes from postmodernism, conception in viewpoints of aesthetics after 2000s culture and art life. It is not a concrete art movement, but shortly; it examines oscillation in the edges of nature, quaintness, searching the origins, re-narration, new sincerity conceptions. And of course magical realism or speculative realism (which i also use). For understanding this genre examples are; Wes Anderson, Miranda July in theatre pioneers of Brussels theatre movement.

@ Kumbaracı 50
6 p.m.
“A Tragedy of Constitutional Era or Our Daytimes”
Writer: Volkan Çıkıntoğlu
Director: Celal Mordeniz
Cast: Volkan Çıkıntoğlu, Hakan Emre Günal, Doğu Can
Three different characters find themselves in a dream. Realities and dreams are fluent and this makes stories mystic. Text has a different stage proposal and it requests a special work for creating atmosphere in stage.
@ Kumbaracı 50
9 p.m.
“Case 333″
Writer: Tolga Çıklaçiftçi
Director: Gülhan Kadim
Cast: Özer Arslan, Murat Kapu, Yiğit Sertdemir, Selin Girit
Furkan and Kudret are ex prisoner. Both has sentenced for crimes that they did not commit. They stay in the same cell in prison for ten months and then they release. After that they both apply for a movie grant of government. They do not inform the other one’s application. Grant is for one project and now this two against each other.

3 October 2016
@ Emek Sahnesi
6 p.m.
Writer: Şirin Gürbüz
Director: Pınar Yıldırım
Cast: Fatih Dönmez, Onur Tanyeri, Togay Kılıçoğlu, Zeynep Çelik Küreş
A bomb explodes in an hospital. A young man, a doctor and an employee stuck in mortuary. The young man lost his father in a surgery. He blames the doctor and comes the hospital for taking his father’s revenge. Now he against the doctor. As times goes he get new information about his father. And his coming reason becomes meaningless.

@ Emek Sahnesi
9 p.m.
Writer: Seda Özelsoy
Director: Edip Tepeli
Cast: Ayşecan Tatari, Doğa Nalbantoğlu, Pınar Yıldırım
A war that forgotten when it started and how much it goes… Like regional wars of today. Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Kurdistan, Colombia, Afghanistan, Pakistan… Countries, cultures are different but fear, solitude, unsecurity feel is the same. A shelter…

4 October 2016
@ Galata Perform
8.30 p.m.
Director: Hazar Sayar
Cast: Zuhal Güreli
“Çika” is a play that developed by two attendants of Galata Perform Directing and Acting Workshops. The play adapted from a book that has interviews “Fahişe Çika (Prostitute Çika)” published by Istos. The play use a Greek prostitute’s viewpoint for narrate pains in Early Republican Era and after in Turkey.



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