New Text New Theatre (Yeni Metin Yeni Tiyatro)  is an international, long-term project that focuses mainly on new forms of playwriting. Although the main focus of the project is the text, that is to say the play, New Text New Theatre is not only interested in new plays but also in the relationship between new forms of playwriting and different means of theatre such as directing, acting, dramaturgy and stage design, as well as the social dynamics which bring these new forms into life.

The project which started in 2006 with the initiative of Ceren Ercan, Dilek Altuntaş, Yeşim Özsoy Gülan and Mark Levitas is based on two axes: translating foreigner contemporary playwright’s play in Turkish and presenting them as play-readings, and organizing playwriting workshops.  Consequently we support emerging playwrights through staged readings of plays and discussions as well as to encourage young people to write theatre plays through several workshops led by professional playwrights and/ or dramaturgs.

During works elaborated in these past years, New Text New Theatre playwrights’ names had been known also on the international area. Hüseyin Alp Tahmaz‘s play “Kasaba” (Village) was the only play from Turkey among the finalists of Berlin Theater Treffen. Two of three plays selected for the program of the Festival Heidelberger Stückemarkt ’11 were plays written under the project New Text New Theatre. “İz” (Stain) written by Ahmet Sami Özbudak who was within the festival also awarded as the Best Young Playwright of Europe, and “Türkiye Kayası” (Turkish Stone) written by 17 years old Fehime Seven from the project of “High school Students Write Plays!” were bought on stage as play-readings for the festival.

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