Intensive Care Apron

An elder brother who never speaks in an understandable manner and asks for assistance all the time, a sister having problems with her marriage, an elder sister who has to be strong all the time and a mother that we are not even sure that if she loves her husband.



Stefania is a trans-gender woman who is tenant at her own house because of the 64 banishment. While she shares the house with sex worker Kıvılcım and university student Yusuf , on the streets “12 eylül”s harsh winds are taking their toll. Three people whom are bounded by faith has to survive in Tarlabaşı.


Southern Star

Young woman arrives at the house of a couple … the meeting turns out to a confrontation with their mutual past. Nothing will be the same after this confrontation .


Samatya Monologues

Last season (2016/2017) after presented as Playreading Balat Monologue’s Museum was presented to the audience. Samatya Monologues is a similar location project which was built up by Ahmet Sami Özbudak with New Text New Theatre Advanced Writing Workshop attendies.


Our Family’s Most Beautiful Secret

This is a tragicomic family play which is also 2017 New Text New Theatre Advanced Playwriting Workshop graduate Can Özden’s first play.


Mourning House

If you were invited to a mourning house… Freely roaming in the house. Witnessing incidents happening at the same time… Tolga Çıklaçiftçi is daring a hard experiment this time which he wrote at New Text New Theatre Advanced Writing Workshop.


Asa Lindholm is at Modern Theatre Workshop

Asa lindholm is the guest of festival with her play “ifgirlscouldkill” via Consulate General of Sweden’s precious support. Lindholm will be sharing her wisdom at Galataperform’s dramaturg and workshop director Ferdi Çetin’s Modern Theatre workshop.


Women with Evident Killers

What do you think 30 is? If you can say it’s just a number than you are lucky. Because for some 30 represents the life wasted in a mental hospital and for some its either giving up your womanhood or giving it to somebody else.



The woman says: The only thing i know that suffocating is an action that is known , simple, it doesn’t need courage and we can do it together. I can be fun.


On the Theme of Dreams in Theatre

Gallet is the guest of “New Text New Theatre Workshops” in 2017 with French Cultural Center support. The writer has chosen “Dream ” to be the theme of “New Text New Theatre Festival 6″




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