biriken / Treachery in the Near East

“Treachery in Near East” is the first of the “Near East” trilogy, where Özen Yula reflects a society, which moves from paranoia to schizophrenia.

The character, who can be determined as “everyone” but also “no one”, talks for the first time after a long time of silence. He doesn’t feel that he belongs to where he is living or where he was born; he was betrayed and he betrayed. The 50 minutes monologue becomes a battlefield of words and signs; the personal and the social disasters, the past and the future are mingled. The structure of the play is based on video and actor relationship and it was built each time according to the space in which it was shown.

Text: Özen Yula
Video and Performance: 
biriken (Melis Tezkan, Okan Urun) 
Production: biriken, Istanbul French Cultural Institute, Bilgi University Santral İstanbul’s support for rehearsals (2008)

Time: 50 minutes

Yakındoğu’da İhanet // Treachery in the Near East (2008) from biriken on Vimeo.



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