A 10 week scriptwriting course + presentation to Director

14 DECEMBER 2015 – 15 FEBRUARY 2016

In it’s third year, with increasing participation in the scriptwriting workshop, Galataperform is continuing to introduce the cinema world with new names. Registrations for 2016 have started and only limited amount of participants are allowed for the workshop.

During the course which will take place for 10 week, the scriptwriter of “Fakat Müzeyyen Bu Derin Bir Tutku” Ceyda Aşar will be lecturing. Participants with script ideas or synopsises will be given the opportunity to develop their script and present it to Marsel Kalvo. They will also get a feedback from the producer.

Also the workshop will be supported by various well known directors, actors and their experience courses.

The founder of “Başka Sinema” and an important figure in the cinema world, producer Marsel Kalvo worked with directors, such as Derviş Zaim, Ümit Ünal, Pelin Esmer, Deniz Akçay Katıksız, Çiğdem Vitrinel.

Giving this lecture in Galataperform for the third time Ceyda combines her career in acting, short fiction writing, cinema critic and script writer to form a interesting education and works individually with participants to help them explore their own deepness and also helps them discover writing’s acting side. Short presentations from movie samples are given, interactive games are played during class and improvisional writing excercises that boost the learning speed of theory side are the main traits of her teaching style.

Attendee’s who complete this workshop are allowed to apply for Advanced Scriptwriting in 18 April 2016 in Galataperform.


DATE: 14 ARALIK 2015-  15 ŞUBAT 2016
DAY/HOUR: Every Monday19.00- 22.00
Büyük Hendek Cad. No: 21/1
Galata Kuledibi 34420 Beyoğlu

To apply, please send your CV to or call 0530 260 25 24 for further information.




Büyük Hendek Cad. No: 21/1 Galata Kuledibi, Beyoğlu, İstanbul


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